Where is my empty tag?


<title>Biswas Playground</title>
<p> Wher is the empty tag?</p>
<hl>Its my Playground , I am the Boss</h1>
<p>I am Debais Biswas, I am a business man but I love Computer.I play with code in codecademy</P>
<p>I am not a  student of Computer scince, from Chandpur in Bangladesh.</P>
<p>I love HTML CSS  codes , I will love all codes.</p>
<p> There is no  empty tag here.</p>


HTML is case sensitive when matching opentag with endtag.


HTML 4 permitted uppercase tags. XHTML changed all this to strictly lowercase. HTML5 came along and accepted HTML 4 syntax if XML compliance is not a requirement. So technically, uppercase tags MAY be okay, but best practice would dictate always using lowercase to match the commonality of the development community.


Also, take a look at your !DOCTYPE as you haven't declared it correctly; and make sure your h1 element has the correct syntax (Hint : the level 1 heading element is represented by the <h1> tag, not <hl>).


Thank you, I got it.


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