Where is line 4?




Hi if you need help you should post your code..




are doing the JavaScript or the Java course? If it's java it should works ..... but if it's not you should use console.log()

console.log("Here put your name");


It says 'Write your name on line 4'

I don't know where line 4 is. Nothing responds to whatever I do.


are doing the JavaScript or the Java course?


It's definitely Java course.


yeah you right java course has a problem now its doing the same to me... try to refresh the page again


When you are looking at the screen you will see numbers ascending in numeric order going from 1 to what ever. You will seem them appear every time you hit enter. Line 4 is 4 lines down starting from 1. Thats where you place you code.


That is also true.. Some courses are buggy.


Also if that what Wizmarco said doesn't work try using a different browser like Mozilla Fire fox or Google Chrome. I'm not sure about Mac users.


Could you tell me which section of the Java course this is as I would like to move this topic to its correct category(its currently under javascript)

Or you can move it by clicking the pencil icon


It's the very first part in Java. Like the very first course 1. What's your name?


This is Unit 1:Introduction to Java. Very first lesson. It asks you to write your name on line 4.


HEre the link
When he aske about it ..even to it woudn't work but now it works


Thank you very much guys. Seems to be working now:smiley:

And I moved topic to its category - Intro to Java.


Seeing the same issue here. Appears that the Code Editor isn't functioning/can't interact with it regardless of the browser or computer I use. Help would be appreciated. TYIA.


Looks like when I go through the "Start" link the code editor works however if I go through the module link it will not.