Where is Get Help button to see a project walkthrough video? (WEB Development course)

At the end of all projects’ descriptions, there are the following paragraph in WEB Development course:

“If you get stuck during this project or would like to see an experienced developer work through it, click “ Get Help “ to see a project walkthrough video .”

Please help me to find this button Get Help. where is it?
Thank you

Hi @anzelari ,

You can find a “Get Unstuck” button on the bottom right of the webpage under the output section.


Clicking on this will give you a wide range of options including Forum Topics, Solutions, Walkthrough videos and much more depending on your current lesson.

Hope this helps you on.


Hi there, is it possible to see the experienced developer code without having to watch the walkthrough video, its interesting to do the project yourself, then be able to compare your code structure to see if you could perhaps do things more efficiently. Thanks.