Where is C++?

Why does Codecademy not have a c++ course yet? Is one in the works?

Codecademy is largely web development-orientated, so C++ (not a web language) is not a priority, and is not something to expect anytime soon.

That’s … unfortunate. Can anyone tell me which other (reliable) programming teaching websites might have it?

Do a Google search;

sigh Any recommendations?

Nope. I haven’t looked, since I’m not too interested in learning C++ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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It can also be noted that c++ is by far the most popular choice in this survey.

Yes but that survey is old and I believe the course that was actually made was ReactJS

Sad. Users(including me) are still commenting on that thread, believing that their opinion means something. Could someone close that? Or run another survey?

I could close it, but I won’t, since it’s still an ongoing poll until @danieloduffy says so. I’ve asked him about creating a new poll, and even drafted one for him, but nothing is changing until there’s a new poll up (the old one will close when the new one opens).

He’s currently on vacation, so I’ll ask him again on Tuesday.

Dang. I hope c++'s popularity holds out until then. I think we’re done here.

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