Where is c++ used except making computer programs?

In one of my books I read that it’s used “everywhere”. What does it mean? Is the washing machine written in c++? Or the microwave oven? The car radio? I’m really curious and want to find out more.

Note: the book didn’t mean “everywhere” as e.g. in games, systems etc. From context, it meant in everything.
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I did a quick Google search and found out that you’ve guessed it right! Everything that has a microcontroller in it can be programmed with for example c++, c# or java (higher-level languages). You can find microcontrollers in any electric device you can think of. I find this very interesting!

The more you know :slight_smile:

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Yes, it is used in all embedded systems. In today’s world, with the advent of IoT and entrance of embedded devices in almost all devices, programming is required. C++ is specifically used in all of these.
C++ is also used in device drivers.

Also, Linux is fully based on C language, so you can literally do anything with C/C++.