Where in Ruby APIs do I find that Array#select takes a parameter?


In lesson Why Procs? we have:
* An array called: group_1
* The Proc: over_4_feet
* A select call: group_1.select( &over_4_feet )

We are passing in the parameter &over_4_feet to method select.

I check the APIs (API Ruby2.2 Array#select)

  (From Ruby API docs for Array#select)
  select { |item| block } → new_ary 
  select → Enumerator

and it doesn't appear to take any arguments. How do I read this to know that it can have arguments? Or am I missing something?


block is the Proc passed in to the method.


Thanks for the reply!
I guess I was expecting something like select(block) because of: select( &over_4_feet )
Whereas the docs showed select { |item| block } - with a space between "select" and "{".
A space between "select" and "(.." will cause an error.
The difference between the smooth bracket: "()" and squiggly brackets: "{}" confuses me in this API case.
Can you explain it to me? Any help appreciated.


In many language, () indicates an argument of parameter list; {} indicates a code block or a hash (in JS an object, in Python a dictionary, &c.).

The description you are seeing in the docs is pseudo code. select invokes the block and operates on the array in currect execution context (the one it is called upon).


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