Where in my code do I make this new slice of new_word?



Where in my code do I make this new slice of new_word?


A common issue here is trying to replace what we already had for new_word, where we concatenated word, first, and pyg. For this exercise we should change new_word again, but by assigning a value over it using the existing version of itself. Take a look at the example below for a better idea:

my_word = first + middle + suffix
my_word = my_word[index_to_slice_goes_here]

Otherwise, we’d be writing new_word = new_word[...] without having defined new_word yet, which will give you an error that reads: NameError: ‘new_word’ is not defined because we’re trying to use it to define itself, which is invalid.

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in the terminal for Pyglatin
i type Love
and it shows velay
how it’s executed


There is space between I love you so is.alpha doest not count the space so it would not execute so you could use or insted of and . Even you could add the ASCII code of the characters


Why can’t I declare the three variables we declared inside the if statement outside of it? What would happen?


technically you could, but why would you? You only want to do these steps when the user input is valid (which the if condition is checking)