Where (if ever acceptable) should I fit these inquiries?

Hello everyone,

As I am new to Codecademy and to Codecademy’s discussion forums, I don’t know where to fit some of my inquiries yet (or even if some of these inquiries could be fitted in these forums at all).

Thing is that I am trying to get ahold of this whole computing world after a few years working as a marketer and designing a bunch of websites in Wordpress, but with no thorough knowledge whatsoever to what I was really doing.

I mean, I got my websites running and stuff out of (primarily) intuition, but I haven’t ever quite known what the heck I was truly doing regarding things such as the management of the VPS which I develop my sites in, SSL certificates, mail configuration, etc., which is why I’ve decided that it was about time to start learning some thing very seriously and very thoroughly.

Anyways, thing is that I have a few questions to ask about those aforementioned things (SSL, VPS management, mail configuration and FTP connections), and I don’t want to bother the community by posting my stuff in the wrong place (which is the reason why I’ve come to [Community » Random] to post this first post, because it seems the place where I can do the less harming :sweat_smile:)

So, that being said, the question would be, “where (if anywhere al all) should I post my inquiries regarding those mentioned topics?”

Thanks in advance. I am loving being here quite a lot.



PS: also, is there anywhere where I should properly and formally introduce myself or is it not necessary in these discussion forums?


Hi and welcome to the forum!

The best place to post questions is in the Get Help category and then under the subheading that is most relevant to your query. For web design related content there is HTML, CSS, JS, Make and Deploy a Website. For anything that you don’t think quite goes with that there is a general programming section too.

You’ll find an introduction post HERE if you want to say hi to everyone.

Happy coding!



Thank you, sir. I will totally follow your advice. One more thing:

Do you (or does anyone) know how to change that ugly name that the system gave me (course3406580531)? It feels wrong to be just a code to the system, although I’ve not been able to find a way to change in my profile setting.

Thanks for that too in advance.



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You can change your name and you username in your account settings on the main site:

You then log out of the forums, and then back in to reset the name.

Welcome to the forums :grinning:
I look forward to seeing you around.


Dear @8-bit-gaming:

That’s been rather useful. I am ibaifernandez now, which is kinda cooler than being course3406580531, haha.

Thanks a bunch.

Definitively, you’ll see me a lot around from now on.

Thanks again.