Where has PHP gone?

Today I wanted to refresh myself on PHP because it is a topic we will begin to talk about at school. When I looked at the catalog, it wasn’t there. I’ve now found a back door, but when you go to the page where there usually are all lessons so you can skip them, it gives a 404 error. Will PHP come back? (Updated) Or has it been removed?

Codecademy’s PHP course was broken and outdated. It has now been removed. I have not heard anything on when it might be updated, but I can confidently say it will return.


Alright, thank you very much!

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yesterday i was facing problem while running the code … Now PHP is all gone i was like halfway through it.

As I previously stated,

I apologize for any inconvenience, but there isn’t anything we can do about it now.

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i have the same problem with CSS and HTML … do u know anything about that?

CSS & HTML? Yes, that course was removed a few weeks ago, due to it being mostly outdated. If you would like more information, please see Codecademy’s blog posts on the topic.

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Hi Aquaphoenix17,

I registered today so I could start the ‘Learn HTML’ course. Is this the new replacement for what you’re talking about? I don’t want to be learning something if it’s broken and outdated.


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hello…i have question in paython…can you help me please?

if you cant…please tell me someone who can help…

Yes, the Learn HTML and the Learn CSS courses are the replacement courses to the old Learn HTML & CSS course.

I would love to help you. However, you must first make a new topic and ask your question there. Otherwise, you are just hijacking this topic, which is against our community guidelines.

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How long will I spend on html before I reach PHP lesson?

Hi aquaphoenix17, I have read your post reply that CSS & HTML? Yes, that course was removed a few weeks ago, due to it being mostly outdated. what will happen to my study now?

As I previously said, the Learn CSS & HTML course has been replaced by two new courses…

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It is there you just need to search codecademy php Hope i solved your problem

Yes, but its hidden for a reason. And for all you know, it might be removed tomorrow. So i wouldn’t take the course. Its outdated and full of bugs. Take the courses featured on the main site, if you really want to learn PHP, find a different resource.

As I have stated before:

Also, avoid reviving an old issue as we can keep the forum updated with the most immediate requests for help.