Where does the original sentence appear?



By starting with " print thtring, pleathe! " of course that is what will be printed. Where was/is the original statement of "String, please!" for the Duckifier to duckify?

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i am not sure what you're asking, but there is no original string that says "String, please!"
in that exercise the first string is meant to imitate Dafy Duck's speech style


Is the example in lesson 1. Ignore this and concentrate on the instructions which are very easy to follow.


thank you for your help


Thank you for your help


@lo26, so as you coded to ask to print whatever you wish in console. So print just something after the request and this will give you the new line. The only purpose is to test how your code really works.
Example (in console):

Thtring, pleathe!: Your string (any text)
Your string is: your thtring (any text)

Here, you can verify that the Ruby has changed your 's' to 'th'


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