Where does the html editor find main.css and font.css?


I'm trying to learn how the server works and displays information.

1) Let's say I'm working on html editor, where is main.css or font.css located in the virtual world? Do I host from a server?

2) Let's say I want to use a font-family, must I always upload a font.css file to generate a useable font-family? How must it be displayed if I were to use a new font-family not within Google's font collection?

Hope these questions were easy to understand. Thanks for your help, coders! :smiley:


Are you talking of the codeacademy virtual html editor?



  1. main.css is local which you are typing out. If you want the site to be live yes you will need to hosted on a server..

  2. Depends on what font you are using, some fonts are web safe fonts which are on all machines and browsers and others you will need to upload a font file or link.

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