Where do you see you and your coding skills in a couple years years time?

Just creating my first topic, and was wondering where everyone was hoping to get to with their coding? Maybe your just using your newfound skills for personal fun, or maybe your looking to get a promotion in your job?!

Where do you see yourself?


Coding fairly fluently in a few modern OO languages.

Building my own apps (for fun and commercially); that starts soon.

Contributing to multiple open source projects; perhaps leading one.

In the meantime, focused more on learning; mostly coding for practice and collaborating more.

See myself using it to learn more and more about every aspect of how a computer previously functioned, currently functions, and the future of what’s yet to come.

Wow. I don’t know. I’m not a big “what can I do with this skill in the future” sort of person when it comes to coding . . . I like to do it for fun, is all. But maybe by helping others get more excited TO code?

… or making video games. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just enjoy knowing how to work a computer. I don’t usually think what I will do with anything I learn. I just enjoy having the knowledge so I can do it.

And you my friend are a genius.

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