Where do we use JAVA Script?



We are learning here on this website the Java Script language and it is important for using PC but I still don't know where to use it.
I mean what program or software do we use it. It is CMD ?



No, javascript is not cmd. That is like saying that french and german are the same (are both like languages, right?), just like we have many spoken languages (Chinese, French, German, English) we have many programming languages

Javascript is the only client side scripting language you have in the browser, so in front-end web development it is very popular, and with nodeJS you can know also build the back-end of a website.


Thanks for our reply but where do we use ? i didn't understand yet.

and for what does this language help me.
(sorry if there is some topics which talk about it and i didn't browse it)


websites are nothing more then files (okay, maybe not completely true), html files (structure of webpage) css files (make-up of webpages) and js files (interactive elements)

i am not going to explain servers and websites from scratch, for that we have wikipeida

Javascript allows you to do many things (make your website interactive, manipulate the DOM (add/remove/hide elements), add new content from a database without refreshing the page, analytic tools are written in javascript and so on

Too much to write in one answer, i am sure there are great articles you can find online


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