Where do they get our first icon and my thing is being stupid


I what to know because mine looks like it has a m and my name is mason so how did it know? Can someone link the web site please.
it also say to add a p but it has a p so I don't know how to go any far there

Rent from people in over 34,000 cities and 192 countries


I'm not sure on the issue you're having, do you think for starters you could post the code you have currently, as well as the error message that appears?

Also, since this is HTML and CSS you're going to have to put your code to look like this:

<put your code here>

You can copy and paste your code between three backticks like that, and if you do that correctly then if will show us all of your code and we can help you :smiley:


this my problem it's keeps telling me a need a p after h1 but i allready do

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Rent from people in over 34,000 cities and 192 countries


Hi Mason,

Your profile image is automatically generated by the computer - it picks a random background color, then puts the first letter of your username into it :)

Would you mind giving a link to the topic you're on, and like @lolman asked, posting and formatting your code please?


that good to know thank you


Could we have a link to the exercise you're on and see your formatted code, please?
We really can't help you without either of those :)


https://www.codecademy.com/courses/web-beginner-en-ez2n4/0/4?content_from=make-a-website%3Ahtml-elements to help me


I don't see:

<h1>Find a place to stay.</h1>

anywhere in your code, do you think you could add that for me and see if that fixes your problem?


thanks so much counting i did't know to do that