Where do I write code?

I just finished a skill (Make a Website) and was wondering where do you write code but not in a course? I looked around codecademy but didn’t find any thing. Is there a program I need or something? Please help!

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Some languages are compiled (by a compiler) to machine code that can be run directly by the computer.
Others are run by having an already existing program (an interpreter) interpret the code and do the actions that the code specifies.

Some languages even do both.

So you’d write your code in a text editor, and then feed into a compiler and/or an interpreter, which those are depends on the language.

As an incredibly brief demo, here’s how one might create and run a hello world program in Python in GNU/Linux … mac would be about the same.

$ echo "print('hello world')" > hello.py
$ python hello.py
hello world

The first line creates the code file. There’s some magic going on there, but it just creates a file called

with the contents:

print('hello world')

normally that would be done in a proper text editor

Then, on the next line, I run the Python interpreter, telling it about my file.

Python will then read my code and do what it says in the code. As a result, “hello world” is printed, and then I’m back at my command-line prompt, ready for new adventures.

Google hello world for your language, there are sure to be plenty of articles explaining how to run a program using that language.

I am going to take a bit more direct approach with your question. Download Notepad++ then download Mozilla Firefox. Some people here utilize Chrome which I have tried, I do not care for Chrome. This advice will save you the expense that some will fork over for the Introduction to the Internet course that I recently had the displeasure of enduring. With a combination of Codecademy moderators and W3C tutorials you should be able to implement your new found knowledge. Some people seem to favor the intentionally vague approach to teaching. I do not. I also recommend delving into Javascript, JS will add a great deal of functionality to your web pages. If you have any other questions feel free to send me a message or post here.

You could download editors like notepad++, sublime text, or atom… I personally prefer Atom. Then you could just execute your html file by windows explorer and it should work!