Where do I use a command line?

Link to what I am working on: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-the-command-line/lessons/navigation/exercises/touch?action=resume_content_item

I was learning Python when it told me that I need to learn the command line for some reason. I guess I will need it later on, but what is the command line? Is it the same thing as command prompt on windows? Do programmers use an app for a command line when programming?


Commandline is …any interface reading typed commands and responding

What you’re looking for is a unix-like environment, typically that’ll be bash and a quite a large number of other small programs (like touch and mkdir)

There are several environments that come close to this that run on windows. I suggest installing msys2 or wsl, shouldn’t matter which. There’s also git bash, but I’m not sure what exactly it is, it might or might not also do what you want.

If you go with msys2, after following their instructions for installing you can search for python packages with

$ pacman -Ss python

likely the package you are looking for is named one of: python, python2, python3

which would then be installed with:

$ pacman -S python

For wsl I believe it would be:

$ apt update
...wait little bit while it updates its index
$ apt install python3

If not, well, google it.

What’s going on with apt/pacman is that both those systems have curated lists of packages that you can download and install, and those programs are used to download/install/uninstall and other similar tasks

The most important thing for getting what you want is to keep in mind that YOU have to decide what you want to happen, these tools have very few opinions and are there to do as you tell them.

This is contrast to windows which usually only offers a very small amount of buttons where each action makes sense.

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