Where do i type #1


It says line 4 i see nothing to type on?


Could you please show your code? Thanks


Is there no code editor? A screenshot might be in order.
Also avoid Internet Explorer - has been giving other users trouble lately - not that anyone should willingly be using it anyway.


I think I might be experiencing the same problem as it wont let me type anywhere on the page, I have also attached a screenshot.


Looks like it's still trying to connect to Codecademy in that screenshot. Try another browser, and if that doesn't help, try a proxy (like the tor network) to get around whatever might be interfering with the connection (firewalls and the like).


Yeah that was my next guess, I'm on a school network that has blocked websites and it seems it might be stopping communication.


I have the same problem but it says that i am connected with Codecademy



I had the same problem. Try using microsoft edge instead of chrome. worked for me


"Connecting to Codecademy" so this website doesn't work on chrome anymore?


Chrome itself should not cause a problem connecting.

Do you see the same problem in other courses here, for instance Learn Command Line?
Which operating system are you using?
Are you behind a firewall?
Are you working at home/school/work?
Please post a screenshot of your whole web browser so that we can see what you see.


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Wait, did it ever work on Chrome for anyone?


yes i had the problem 3 days ago but today, without making any changes, opened the course normally like i did and is working...


I am using Chrome and it is working perfectly fine for me.