Where do I start? Learning to build a bot

Hello, I’d like to learn to build a bot that interacts with websites. Where should I start?
I’m not sure if there’s a course for this on Code Academy or what language would be the best for this. If you have any advice please let me know. Thank you!

The answer to this question will depend very much upon the functionality you’re looking to implement, what your ‘relationship’ with these websites is (do they have an API you have access to, etc.), and what your present level of programming experience is.

If you’re able to provide a bit more information, I’m sure someone will be able to suggest a possible path for you to go down.

I don’t have very much programming experience. Iv’e only done some python here and there on Codecademy.
I don’t have any relationships with any websites as of yet but I’d like to develop some in the near future.
I guess I mostly want to learn how to do it for fun. Just basic web automation would be cool.
Thank you! @825orion

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