Where do I start learning programming related to my studies?

Hello, my name is Álvaro and I am a Telecommunications Engineering student. This year I will start my second year of my degree and I want to learn programming.
The only thing I know about programming is what I’ve seen so far at the university, which has been 2 programming fundamentals subjects, the first was C and the second focused on object-oriented programming, specifically Java. I already know something about programming thanks to this, but I think that these subjects have helped me more than knowing how to program in these two languages ​​to understand programming fundamentals and concepts since I feel that they have not really focused much on how to make programs and practical things . In the rest of my university degree I will see more programming subjects and I will also have the option of specializing in telematics, so I will learn things at the university for sure.

The point is that I also want to learn on my own and specialize in a specific subject and be able to do practical things and projects. I would like to know what you recommend me to learn, it would be nice if it was something useful and related to telecommunications engineering, and by the way it would be nice to give me advice on how to focus and what to use on the way to learning what you recommend. Do you recommend any specific career-path of Codecademy?

I look forward to your recommendations. Thank you so much!

Is subjective. :slight_smile:

Ask yourself what it is that you want to build/create then investigate those things; see how they’re built and then go from there. If you want to continue with OOP, maybe learn Python. But, learning all these languages without a specific end goal (only you can answer that) in mind isn’t really helpful.


Thanks for answering!
I think that’s the problem, I’m not clear about my goal, I’ll investigate, since I want to know languages ​​that can be applied to Telecommunications Engineering, but what I just said is very broad. I have to investigate and clarify what my objective is.

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Look into why erlang language and that family is big in some telecommunication use-cases. Even if you don’t end up using/learning it. I think it’s a great side perspective that you might not encounter in traditional courses.

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Side note, I just realized writing erlang language is a bit like saying chai tea, or chorizo sausage, or queso cheese (I just found queso cheese is a thing in the US). I won’t correct it just so that someone may get a giggle.

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Thanks for the reply!
I’ve never heard of Erlang, I’ll take a look at it. I have not understood the queso cheese thing :joy:.

Queso and cheese mean the same thing so it’s redundant. I’ve recently been confronted in conversation with it to my extreme bafflement.

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