Where do I put the count_to variable



Where do I put the count_to variable?


count_to is the variable name (its a variable named count_to)


Where do I add the variable?


line 5, but count_to is the variable name, so count_to should be at the left side of the equal sign


stetim94 was able to answer your question. I just want to add a few clarifying things here.

The lesson's instructions are as follows: "Set the variable count_to equal to the sum of two big numbers."

When it asks to "Set the variable," it is telling you that the name of the variable is count_to. It is not asking you to write the name variable "variable_name," so you don't have to write that. After you place the variable count_to in the editor, you want it to = number + number.

Hope that clarifies some things.