Where do I put "I'm looping!" in 5. Practice makes perfect?


I've got everything else working right now but I'm not sure where to put "I'm looping!" Right now it just prints 0 1 2 in ascending order. Thank you for any help.

var count=0;

var loop = function(){
console.log(count++);	}



This is causing error, you have to put string "I'm looping!" inside the console.log()
and then put count variable!

for ex..

if I have to loop "I am greenmeetree!" string 5 times I will do this..

var i = 0;
while(i < 5){
	//Your code goes here!
	console.log( "I am greenmeetree!" );


well, this:


should be two lines, one to log the console, and one to increase count

when increasing count, you don't have to log it to the console


Thank you. I should have realized this. It is working now.