Where do i program javascript?


I wonder what do people or professionals use to program codes? Is there any places/software/apps that i can do programming offline and maybe test my program in the computer . XD (Need your opinions) .Thxs.


You can use a text editor on your computer. You may have to configure the JavaScript build/compile system for some of these editors

  1. Sublime text
  2. Visual Studio
  3. Eclipse
  4. JetBrains TextEditors (for several languages)

Then you can use several frameworks in addition

  1. Angular.js
  2. react.js
  3. d3.js
  4. backbone.js
  5. etc.


To write code you can use a simple text editor (I use vim) or more user friendly code editors (like atom or brackets). You can also use advanced IDEs (for example WebStorm).

To test / run your code you just need a web browser. Create a simple HTML document and add there your code with <script> tag and open this document in the web browser. To display console you have to press f12 key.