Where do I need to add in the 18 pixel change? [solved]

Hi I copied and pasted . Right over the table tag .and changed the pixel to 18 . That did not change any thing .


Hi @datablaster33892
At the top of the programming area, you should change the tab to the *.css file (I don’t know how exactly was this file (tab) created, but that is there, and there you can achieve the excersice!

In the styling CSS portion In style.css , change the font size of all table headings and table data to 18 pixels.
when I got to location and find th, and td and added font-size: 18px; and click run get red cross on box on instruction. Is there an error in module?

I clicked solution and same thing I typed showed up and I looked over style.css and nothing else changed. Must be a bug.

The exercise asks to change the font size of table headings and table data. However, I could only modify the size of table headings by changing the font size in the thead th selector in the style.css, and not by changing it in the th, td selector.

Many thanks for your help!

What worked for me is going to the tab: style.css
Then going into table and adding font-size: 18px;

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Hi guys if your looking for the answer in you to change to the style.css at the top of the page and scroll down till you get to a section that starts with th, td {
then start a new line under font-weight: 400;
You then need to enter this code: font-size: 18px;
hopefully this should work for you