Where do I go


After i competed my training in the programing codes were do i go to do my first program?


Make it your own, depends do you want to go the GameDeveloper Way(:smiley:) or the WebDevelopment Way( (:expressionless: )


@amanuel2, there are many more ways.

@textwhiz10469, which courses did you complete on codecademy? What would you like to build? Many language you can run on your laptop (python, ruby, html + css, php, git, javascript, jquery and more)

Some require additional things to be installed, please let us know what you want/what your dream is


@stetim94 thats the major ones, and the highly regarded. You cant argue with it.


Hey Justin,

I agree with @stetim94, where you should go next depends on what you've learned so far and what you want to do eventually. If you could tell us those things, maybe we could help you a little better than just guessing as to what you should do next :)


No offense, but I think you can pretty easily, and set up a good case that other paths are better.
If you want to talk about that more, let's move it to a PM so we're not cluttering up this topic though :)


well see i am on the java course but I'm only 6% and i am stuck but what i am asking is when you complete a course in the training were do you go to make your program i mean not just the games you make i mean like real programs....


@textwhiz10469 It varies depending on the language. A search for something like "how to create and run a [language] file" seems to give some good results for Java, but I don't do stuff in Java, so I'm mostly guessing as to how helpful they are.
I'm better at web-related stuff :)


If your concenered in Java, then i mean after you complete the Java course in Codecademy there are many viedos that give you more info. Trust me there is Much Much Much more of Java than just codecademy. Here are Awesome viedos to start you off: :smile:



And this one is awesome one as it gives you quizez each step, and goes step by step



well I'm on a mac computer so i thought i can get answers here on were to go when i complete my course to make real programs not just games i meant like how they do.....


Yea the post above you are actual java programming tutorials, those are the places you should go after you finish codecademy. Trust me if you finish codecademy and try to make a cool program/project you will be 99.99% Unsucuessfull. No Offense Codecademy, but they dont teach nearly as much as youtube viedos do, but when Codecademy teaches something they make it very clear! I reccomend codecademy to be thier first thing for everyone but after the viedos :smile:


@textwhiz10469 Check out CodingBat for challenges, and Codecademy Pro for extra projects.
For ideas,

Simple notepad, more advanced text editor, GUI calculator, poker, black jack, program which can draw graphs of functions, and an rpg are some things I have done/thought about doing.
- What are some cool begginer things to do with Java?

might get you started.


Well, which real programs you want to make and how you make them, depends on the language, but many language you can do with a simple text-editor


Hey, guys do you know a good website, where they teach you the Apple programming language Swift? I found a few, but they teach you how to make a app, but it doesn't teach you the language...do you guys know any??? Thanks!


Here is a good play-list of it:


Ok, thanks, but that is Swift 1, there is a new version of Swift(2015) called...lol...Swift 2...