Where do I go to get free logo icons

I am almost complete with my “How to make a website” project and I need to find HTML5, CSS, and Linux logo icons to add as my image for each language.

Does anyone know where I can find free logo’s/images for HTML5, CSS, and Linux?

Thank you in advance.


You can use Font Awesome, It’s easy to use. read the documentation to understand how to use it, or search for any tutorials for it you will find a lot because it’s really popular.

I like using these two:
In this one you can search for things:

This one has a vast amount of icons!

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In addition to the lovely websites that were shared already, I would consier material.io icons. They’re a nice set as well!

I want to thank everyone who replied to my request for help. I have looked at all links sent to me they are awesome and will help me greatly!!!

Again, thank you!!

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you can get it from w3schools.com check there