Where do I go if I want to practice HTML



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Not sure if you forgot to put anything in the actual post, or something…

Anyway, from the title, you can practice HTML quite simply locally on your computer. For example, you can create a text document, write your code, and rename it ‘SITENAME.html’. You can then right click and choose to open with your desired browser, such as google chrome. If you want to use a css, or have links to images and such, just keep all your resources inside a folder along with your html file.

I hope this answers your question, and I didn’t misinterpret what you were asking! :smiley:


What exactly do you mean by create a text document? how do I do that


Right click -> New -> Text document
(On Windows anyway)


I got to the text document but now how do i open with my browser?


Have you written some code inside it yet? And renamed the text document to use the extension ‘.html’ ?


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