Where do answers on a form go after hitting send or submit?

So where do the answers to the form end up after they’ve been sent? How do I handle/send the response in a real world scenario?

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The <form> element opentag will have an action="" attribute with the URL of the request page on the server. That page will read the POST data, validate it and make it safe to insert in the database (encode it), then do so. That page will likely handoff a success response, or a failure response, as applies. That page (or AJAX response) will be composed and sent back to the client.

Given only those two pieces of information, name and email, it’s likely this would be a signup for a subscription. When the row is created in the database, it may also be added to the mailing list of the periodical.


I had a similar question to @techbecca

I asked my questions here and got a couple of very helpful replies from @stetim94, which I think complement your post nicely :smiley: