Where did the CSS come from?

I had problems with this one too. My frustration is that I have done the HTML & CSS lesson from the beginning and at this point CSS has not been covered, yet the instruction states “You can use CSS to style tables just like you have done in the past.” What are they talking about? CSS has not been covered yet by this step and I don’t know how to do what it’s asking.

Nonetheless, if I change the padding to 18px as shown above, it doesn’t say that’s the correct answer. I notice that your answer above has the font-weight set at 300 yet it defaults to 400 in the problem. Regardless of whether I have it at 300 or 400 it still doesn’t tell me I got it correct or allow me to move on. Again, where is this stuff explained? CSS has not yet been covered at this point.

Remember <style></style> tags? The code you put inside of those is CSS!

Similarly, if you ever used the following syntax:

<p style="font-size:50px; color:red;">Hi!  I'm a big red paragraph!"</p>

You were also using inline styling there. Both of these examples are CSS, just not using an external style sheet (.css file).


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