Where did 'Out of Love' go?

Why did it disappear? I had it I think, but not anymore… and when I looked at badge list, it was gone.



The ‘Out of Love’ badge is very sadly… removed! Replacing it comes the new bookworm badges for reading a certain amount of time.

I hope this helps =)


Ah, ok. Thanks for telling me.

As @trevorhodges said, the badge (and similar like-count-related badges) were removed, in favour of the Bookworm badges. The difference between these is the reason that we switched them over;

Likes given vs. posts read

Simply put, we (the forum Moderator team) felt that badges should not be issued based on the number of likes given, as this encourages users to like as many posts as they can, regardless of quality (in theory). While not everyone may have earned the badge this way, it was still a possibility.

Earning a badge through reading posts both encourages and rewards time spent on the forum, which brings with it more experience and comfort in using the site. “Posts read” and “topics viewed” are different things and to read a post actually takes a few seconds, according to the code behind the forum. This means you can’t scroll through and get the badge without paying attention.

You could just scroll and view a post for a few seconds each to get the new badges, but you may as well read it. The old badges had no time requirement whatsoever, so this adds a more human aspect, in a way.


Well, there goes two badges for me…


There are two more badges in their place, though. Much more meaningful ones.


Yes, but now have to do more to get the same number again.