Where did I go wrong here?



I followed the instructions but it says incorrect syntax, I dont understand what I did wrong

I thought that I followed the code exactly, and it would let me pass on

Replace this line with your code. 

print caesar  "Graham"
print praline = "Jhon"
print viking = "Teresa"


you just have to set caesar to "Graham".

remove the print statement.It's invalid syntax.Also you missed = sign for caesar


So the code would be
Graham = caesar?


Ok I removed all the print options so my code looks like this but it says that I did not create a variable called caesar.


ceasar = "Graham"
praline = "Jhon"
viking = "Teresa"

is my code


You are on the right track. It's really important to make sure that the spelling is correct. There are two instances where I see that the spelling is incorrect for two names. Fix them up and you should get it right. Also, even if you check it, the console will tell you what the error might be (like it does right now when it said the it could "not create the variable called caesar."


Thanks for part of the help futurenotion but even after I changed Jhon to John it still said I did not create the variable caesar.

ceasar = "Graham"
praline = "John"
viking = "Teresa"


Thx for helping


never mind I got It thanks for the help futurenotion


Same mistake i did. First you have to give the value to the variable THEN print it. So the code will be:

caesar = "Graham"
praline = "John"
viking = "Teresa"

print caesar
print praline
print viking


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