Where can we access other free datasets?


In the context of this lesson, where can we access other free datasets?


There are many resources available online that provide free datasets, and a few of these resources are as follows.

Kaggle is a resource that provide many different types of datasets, ranging from wine reviews to trending YouTube video statistics.

data. gov is a resource of open data provided by the U.S. government, with many different topics including agriculture, climate, education, finance, and health data.

census. gov is a resource for census data about the United States people and economy, provided by the U.S. census bureau.

There are also many other resources available, which you can find with a quick search online.


A couple of other free resources:


Hi! Do you know any tutorials about how to download the data online for practicing SQL on my own laptop?
I feel confused from the codeadamy course to actual data analysis work…