Where can I see the highscore at codecademy (similar to stackOverflow)?

On stackOverflow users also get points like here. But on stackOverflow you can see the highscore and how you rank in comparison to others.

Is this also possible on codecademy as well?

we don’t get points here?

the closest matching thing we have is here, but its not the same

Hi @lett,

Are you referring to the points offered for completing exercises that are documented in your Codecademy profile page? Codecademy does not offer a leaderboard page regarding those points.

You have completed lots of Codecademy courses, including some obscure ones. :sunglasses: Cool!

Hi @appylpye, hi @stetim94

I mean these points that @appylpye mentioned . The points on my profile. Exactly! Could CA implement a leadership board? It would increase the motivation to practice more IMHO. :slight_smile:

BTW: How can I become a mod? :slight_smile:

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i don’t think a leadership board would be a good idea, to get many points, you would need to do obscure no longer maintained courses

Sometimes there is position for new mods, preferable canidates have TL3 (see trust levels)

So a step towards becoming a moderator is being active and involved on the forum

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Hi @lett,

Over time scales ranging from months to years, current Moderators observe the contributions of other active users on the discussion forums in order to assess their potential as future Codecademy Moderators. At present, a few dozen users serve as Moderators.

Thanks for your interest in helping with the discussion forums. :smile:

If I am not mistaken, I can remember when I started (around 2012), there was a leadership board. I found it pretty motivating to spend lots of time on CA. Maybe it’s only me, but I can imagine others would find it motivating as well. And as I said in the beginning, StackOverflow also got this leadership board. If they have it, then it can’t be bad. :wink: Also, it should be easy to implement. :slight_smile:

Hi @lett,

The best venue for discussing requests for new features or improvements to existing features is the Community > Suggestions; Feature and Course Requests category.

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thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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