Where can I see the build errors (bundler errors) when working with REACT.js in the codecademy UI?

I have a general question regarding debugging errors in the codecademy environment specifically for REACT.
When writing invalid code which cannot compile, where can I see these errors? E.g. webpack errors or whatever bundler is used.

I can see the application crashes in browser console (runtime errors), but not the errors if the application does not even compile.


Hi there!

You should be able to see error messages coming from React apps if you open up the console view in the browser inspector (DevTools). Here’s an article on Chrome DevTools you can take a look at to figure out how to access the DevTools window.

You can press (cmd/ctrl + shift+ I) to open up the inspector and navigate to the Console tab. This is what you’d do if you were debugging most web apps (whether in Codecademy environment or local environment). You will see some messages in the console view that pertain to the LE, but error messages that come from index.compiled.js are most likely to be errors in the React app.

Hope that helps!

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