Where can I pratice some JS coding?

Dear Codecademy Users,

I am having ab issue with Java Script in general. There is no subsection on this forum for general questions, so I just put it here in lesson one.

I wanted to try a few things out i have learned so far - loops, sorting, math. The problem is, I dont know HOW/WHERE i can try my JavaScript Code. I tried pages like JSfiddle or the TryItEditor from W3Schools, just to play around with some code. But no matter what I did, when I ran the code it never showed any result. Not even when I ran “3+4” or something.

So what do I have to do, so I can play around with some “standalone java code” so I can practice some things from this course on my own? When i run my code here on CodeCademy it always works, so what is the CodeCademy editor doing in the background, that my code shows some actual results?

labs repl.it

Is very similar to the lesson editor, with a couple of extras.

  1. The linter is turned on; and,
  2. The command line is exposed.

Take a look at the lab and try your hand. There is no index or way to find your code if you close the page so be sure to Share and copy the URL and/or add it to your favorites.

When you have code you wish to try out on your own system, copy it, paste into a text editor and save it on your drive with a descriptive name and .js extension. You can use the console in your browser to run code on your own. Be sure to organize your work so you can find it, and so you don’t overwrite other files.

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