Where can I practice basic JS?

Hi everyone,

I am studying the web-development course, and so far so good, I just finished the JS Loops level 5, however I am not really confident with what I have learned for this last level, meaning that I need to practice more. I tried to recap the whole level twice, but I kind like know the answers already, so…

Any idea where I can get practice exercises in JS Loops for example?


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There are plenty of sites like jsfiddle, codepen and jsbin where you can freely practice some JS code, once you are ready, you can take the next step.


Nice one, let me explore these sites, codepen seems to be very interesting. All the best


once you are further, you can just create the JS files locally and connect them to html file so you can just use your browser and the console.


You can also use this editor or codepen.io like what @stetim94 said. For the first editor I said, you just put make <script></script> tags, and put the JavaScript between the two.

I hope this helps =)


Sure! Thank you for the info.

What I had in mind, was where we can practice already made basic problems, if there is such a site. For example, where you have problems to be solved in a loop, type of site, if you understand me. This site is an example of it: https://www.mathtrainer.org/

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