Where can I learn Languages Codecademy Doesn't teach?


This is a copy of a post I originally had in Codecademy Forums years ago.
I thought I would post it again so people can benefit from the linked material; as it was made so long ago CC has since made some of the courses listed such as SQL and Java but for completeness I will leave these sections in so people have additional material they can use.

If you use any other good sites add them to the list, this post is a wiki so click on the little green pencil in the top right to add to the list. :smile:
Alex C

This is a great list of resources for learning languages we don’t (yet!) teach, compiled originally by Patrick. Have others? Post them below!


C++ Tutorial from cplusplus.com
C and C++ Tutorials from cprogramming.com
Learn C the Hard Way
TheNewBoston’s C++ Tutorials
Learn C interactive tutorial


Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) C# Tutorials
MSDN Channel 9 C# Fundamentals Tutorials
C# Station Tutorial

Objective-C (iOS and Mac)

Objective-C from Cocoa Dev Central
Apple’s Objective-C intro (you’ll need an Apple Developer account, it’s free)
Stanford CS193P Look under “more from Stanford” for iOS 5 updated versions. Also covers MVC basics that some have expressed interest in.
TheNewBoston’s Objective-C Tutorials


Learn You A Haskell
Try Haskell


Stanford CS106A Awesome class. It covers Java but more importantly it covers program design theory that many people have asked for. It can be followed up with CS106B and CS107 also available on that website, for more theory combined with (non-Java) practical.
TheNewBoston’s Java Tutorials
Oracle’s Java Tutorials
Practice-it Java practice


Now on Codecademy!
PHP Bounce (Interactive in the vein of Codecademy)
PHP Academy
TheNewBoston’s PHP Tutorials


MSDN Channel 9 VB Fundamentals Tutorials


Stanford’s Introduction to Databases via Coursera
SQL The Hard Way
W3 Schools


Eherrera Markdown Tutorial
Agea Markdown Tutorial
JacobSwain Markdown Tutorial

Multiple Languages

Programr (too many to list)
CodingBat (Java and Python)
Marakana Bookshelf (too much to list)
Marakana’s Youtube channel (more advanced but great, too much to list)
The New Boston
Tutorials point
Multi Language Doc’s

Almost Everything

Free books list on GitHub

A quick shout out to those who contributed the original links. Thanks guys.

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JS Books
Data Camp
Codeacademy for C and C++
Introduction to Java programming
Continue to learn java
Does JavaScript change from one environment to another?

Just Saying SQL Is thought in Codecademy now


@amanuel2 I know I just did it for completeness as I mentioned.


Here are three Markdown tutorials. I know, not a programming language, but it is useful.


Added them in :slight_smile:



C tutorial
Java tutorial


Thanks alex for showing me programmr. I'll be using it right alongside codecademy.


C++ Definite Book/Viedos Guide List:


Do you know of any free websites that cover Swift? (besides youTube :slight_smile: )


Not seen that many free ones around and not tried any myself.
Been able to find this though:


And a free trial at treehouse:


Awesome thanks a lot :slight_smile: I will stick with youTube tutorials until I find some good sites that teach it :slight_smile:


I know a good website to learn all sorts of coding from.


That's a direct link to it, there are plenty of courses there. It's helpful for beginners, it's where I started from. I've completed all their courses.


I also found this basic website that teachs stuff for web development. HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, etc. While most of the stuff it teaches Codecademy also teaches, it does teach some stuff that isn't available to learn here yet.


I hope you all find it helpful.


Some things are outdated on that site, be wary of that.


That is true, but any information may turn out useful. There are still some things on that site that isn't taught here yet. I haven't found the "perfect" free teaching thing everyone looks for, but at least we can put together all our knowledge from multible learning programs.

I would like to point out that you shouldn't pay for their certificates, just go through it if you would like to learn the basics. It is a little out of date.


Another place.


It also teaches Responsive Website Design, a very important thing to learn.


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