Where can i go to use what i learn from the JS course?

Hello, I’m new to these forums and signed up with the pro membership because I really want to take my coding journey to the next level and have as many resources available to me as possible. So, right now I’m learning JS, and I’m doing ok i guess. I’m still a little rusty with string interpolations and definitely with the if else statements and the swtich part of it. I’m really trying to use what I learn by doing mini-projects, the thing is…does this website have a source mainly dedicated for projects to practice what I learn or what is their a recommended website for this? I ask because I understand that doing real-world projects and applying and making mistakes is the best way to learn and retain information. Thank you for your time and consideration, hope to hear back from you guys

There are a number of projects available to you through Codecademy if you have Pro.

Though if you don’t you can certainly create your own projects either online or on your own computer.

An online IDE like repl will allow you to write and run JS and many other languages online, and share your code on the cloud.

If you really want to get into it, than the best option might be to set up an environment on your computer.

First thing you need is a text editor. There are a number of good ones available including:

After this you need an engine capable of running JavaScript.
A popular one is nodeJS.


There’s a website called Codewars, which isn’t a text-editor or IDE, but you can find interesting problems on the languages you choose, which may help you to cement your knowledge.