Where can I fint a list of methods/attributes for Phaser.js?


I am pretty bad at memorization, so I often need to look up methods/properties. For vanilla javascript, I mostly use MDN Web Docs (e.g. for arrays: Array - JavaScript | MDN), which lists and explains all methods and properties. I have been trying (and failing) to find a similar list for Phaser.js.

E.g. in the “Color a Pegasus” task, the paletteCircles have the following attributes

paletteCircle.strokeColor = 0x000000;
paletteCircle.isStroked = true;
paletteCircle.lineWidth = 2;

Where can I find the complete list of such attributes?

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Phaser’s website (https://phaser.io) mentions:

We’re currently rebuilding the Phaser web site from scratch.

In the meanwhile, here are a couple of ways to browse the existing documentation:

For example, in your code, paletteCircle is a Shape. So, you can click Game Objects (see red rectangle in screenshot below) and then select: Phaser.GameObjects.Shape - Phaser 3 API Documentation (beta) ). You will find information about isStroked, strokeColor, lineWidth, setInteractive etc.

Use the red rectangle in screenshot for navigating to the desired section,

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