Where can I find the error message?


Hello Community,

I have looked into all the files trying to find the error message of this exercise but I don’t know from where it is coming from. I was wondering if someone could help me? Also, linked to forms does anyone know if it is possible to style using CSS the error message (e.g. Box size, colour…)?

I would appreciate if someone could help me out on these questions.


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Hello! If you inspect the site, you will find developer tools. To do this either f12 on Windows, or command + shift + c on apple. In the console, you will see an error messages that arise. I’m not sure HTML throws error messages at all, though. If something is wrong, it just won’t render.

Hola tocayo,

If you paste the code you are getting an error with we can help you more precisely :slight_smile:

You can press the </> formatting button and paste inside between the ``` marks.