Where can I find repository to work on project?

Hi, I´m a beginner developer I want to know where can I find a repository to start creating my real project so I have found some links to start building my repository but it doesn´t work very well. So I would like to get available sources so that I start to practice online with a real project on some websites.
P.S. I´m really enthusiastic about writing my first repository and training on real projects.

Hi, there.

I am not quite sure what you are looking for. Are you wanting something like GitHub? Or Codepen?

Right, I´m looking for something codepen but I´m able to launch the project while I´m working on it.

Are you not wanting to develop locally?

You could always write the code and upload it to GitHub and host on GitHub pages.

How can I do that? so I need to write code but I don´t know how Github is work ,cuz I was trying to write on it but the thread link not work on that .

This link is a free course about Git and GitHub: Learn GitHub Introduction

For a code editor, I recommend VSCode as I found it newbie-friendly when I first started. But please feel free to use any code editor you wish!

This should get you started.

thanks for your contributing.