Where can I find an experienced programmer mentor?

I would like to start making money with the skills I’ve learned so far, but I don’t feel ready and would like to get the advice of more experienced programmers here. I’ve already studied the HTML/CSS sections around 5 times, and the JavaScript section around 10 times.

I’ve finished the Career-Path Web Development course, but feel like I’ve hit a block where I need to start learning and practicing real world applications of this stuff from more experienced programmers. Is there any kind of mentorship program available, like I work for you for free and do real world projects to gain experience and in exchange a more experienced programmer can guide me thru the steps I’ll need to take to get more skilled so I can actually be qualified for a programming job?

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Seek an internship in your area. It is just what you are looking for. Of course, how much mentoring you receive will be directly proportional to the amount of wherewithal you bring to the field. It falls to you to get those interviews.


Internship is not employment but you would be at a desk in the business owing that most businesses would not want you working outside of their premises for proprietary and copyright reasons. Not sure you would need a visa to be able to do it in a foreign country, but your consulate or embassy could advise, or perhaps liaise with the local government to help you obtain necessary clearance.