Where can I find a mentor to help me get a job?

Hi I was wondering where I could find a professional mentor who can help advise me on what to brush up on my portfolio, interviews, and general help in getting a job.
Is there a person or website that I can reach out to get some help?

I’m seriously wanting to get a job in tech in 2022, I’ve reached my ceiling in pay in my current path and would like to grow into something i’ve been doing as a hobby for over 20 years.

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Try to make an inquiry addressed to enterprises recruiting in this domain asking what kind of certification they ask for, what kind of skills, what kind of questions they ask to candidates…

Codecademy has done webinars about this subject, check the other sections or as one of the admins for the links

thanks where do they keep these webinars?

@alyssavigil where are those videos kept?

Do you mean the live series stuff?
Check the CC YouTube channel:

(They just had a webinar about what employers look for when hiring a data scientist.)

Yup, I see a bunch of said videos there

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