Where are my empty p tags?

I keep getting an error and can’t move ahead in my website building through codecademy the error says “Oops, try again. No empty p tags! Make sure to write a bit about yourself in all three paragraphs.” please help!

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <h1> Jackie Marie </h1>
        <p><strong><h2>Hi my name is Jackie </h2></strong></p>
        <p>This is my first websitebuild</p>

That’s the closest error message to the problem that the SCT has to offer. The real issue is the headline element inside a paragraph element. Invalid markup.

<p></p> elements may not contain other block level elements.

<h2>Level two heading</h2>

Headlines already have bold text so don’t make them <strong></strong>. That would be over-emphasis.

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