Where am I !?! What's going on!?!

First, my apologies fr posting here but the help topics are locked (and didn’t provide an answer) and I haven’t found a contact link anywhere on the site.

One moment I was creating “rock, paper and scissors” (computer choice: part 2). I watched a bit of a Youtube video and and when I came back… Code Your Own Adventure!


But, I’ve only done 20% of the js course and didn’t pass the screen that I was on because I couldn’t solve the problem with my code!

I logged out and on again, yet here I am!

No idea what is happening.

Dr. K

Cc: @zystvan :slight_smile:

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Hi Deth,

  1. Is it possible you had two tabs open with the different exercises, and just went to the wrong one?
  2. If you go back to Rock, Paper, Scissors, can you resume the exercise from where you left off?

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