Whenever i type it types to the left


When i type in text editor is types ~9 spaces to the left. So the exercise im on now is very frustrating


its very hard to edit the underscores

Replace this line with your code.


Providing an image describing what actually is the problem would be great for the people who are gonna help you.

And, I'm also confused by the fact that you can also type 9 spaces to the "left". Do you mean to "right"? Or does that happen when you press backspace?


If you are on a mobile device, I suggest you use a PC, as Codecademy isn't mobile device friendly. Also, do you mean nine spaces to the left instead of the right?A screenshot of your problem would help, but if you're on a device I assume this is your problem:

In that case, as I have said before use a PC.


This is my problem as well! Thank you for letting me know it's not so mobile-friendly, I've been sitting here for an hour trying to figure this out!


Welcome! Glad to help. :slight_smile:


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