When you realize the 30-day challenge doesn't have to be a 30 day streak

I accidentally lost my coding streak because I spent a whole day trying to solve a problem in the Roller Coaster assignment. I was coding with VScode so I didn’t trigger anything that allows Codecademy to know I was progressing. Then I realized at least the 30-day challenge doesn’t need to be a streak. I’m still a little bit bummed that I lost my streak though. :frowning:


It’s ok!! The challenge is more symbolic than anything. The fact that your following through is the real reward.


Wait what! I thought the 30 day challenge was a streak. It doesn’t have to be. Thanks for that piece of information, I just started the streak so…

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I mean, to the computer it has to be (it won’t track it if you break a day).

But the human goal of the streak is the consistency, so 29/30 is still 30 in my book. (Life happens, after all :sweat_smile:)


Wait what!!! i thought it had to be a streak or it would restart

tl:dr; learn when you want to learn and not when some system tells you to.

Personally I wish companies would do away with the streaks but luckily it’s easy to ignore. I find it to be quite annoying and de-motivating so probably does the opposite of what I’m guessing they’re meant to do.

Learning should be something you actively want to do otherwise it becomes a chore. If you only learn to continue the streak then you’re learning just to satisfy the streak and that’s not where your motivation should come from and you end up not learning for your own sake and personal development. Your motivation should come from something personal and something you want to attain in the future, like a new career or even just to learn a new skill.

Take Duolingo for example, a popular language learning tool, on some days I wouldn’t feel like learning but the app just keeps pestering you to learn something to keep the streak going and then it would make you feel bad if you lost your streak. Some days I would just log in do the simplest lesson just to continue the streak and then log off. My motivation for the app dwindled and I didn’t really feel like using it.

But I got into the mindset that I will learn at my own pace and not when the app wants me to learn and after not caring about the streak, I enjoyed it more and probably used it for a longer period of time per session.

Obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone and if the streak system works for you, great.


I agree with @munroe4985 that the streak is annoying, i learn reguarly but there was one day i only found time after 00:00 and my long streak ended abrupty.

It doesn’t matter. Just keep going :grinning:


Yeah I agree, now I wish there’s an option to hide the streak.

I get that you’re bumped, but you know life happens! And you are doing an amazing job I think!

This weekend I am gonna have such a busy schedule, with lunches and parents and all kinds of actions in between…

I want to stay on top of my challenge, but I am pretty sure I’m gonna have to set my alarm at 5 a.m. both days just to get some work done… I’m still not sure if it’s worth losing my streak over, cause it’s really boosting to log in to those happy numbers, knowing I’m staying aced now that I’m out of a job

Keep going at it!

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If you really like the streak, you can also keep it going by using the Mobile app. If you’re away from the PC, you can use the practice packs on a mobile phone to practice and your streak will continue to count.

Yeah I think that happened with me too recently. I no longer care. lol

that gonna be bad i dont really care about the streak but i try somtimes
then i found out this

I see your point, I find that the codecademygo app gives an easy solution to this though. You can just spend 5 minutes reviewing something you have learned before and your streak will be kept. This has served me super well on the days where life got in the way of more substantial study. It also means I reviewed stuff more often than I would have just out of my own desire, which feels to me like a great outcome of something like a streaktracker.

Anyways, happy coding!

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