When would you use Bits and their operators in a program?


Honestly, this is just a general question, I know.

When would using bits be useful in a program? Are there any real examples of people using bit operators for something in Python? Other than inputing special characters or something like that. Are they used in any sciences?


Binary is the language of computers. Knowing how to use bits is essential in the field of technology.


Well, that's understandable, sure, but when do you actually use binary? Why use binary when you have compilers available?

What I'm looking for are actual real-world uses of binary beyond using it for special characters and the like.


Have you ever heard of hexadecimal notation? Hexadecimal notation is a numbering system commonly used by programmers and relies on the principles of binary. Here is a link to learn more: Hexadecimal (Wikipedia).

Here are some more examples of numbering systems (all of which rely on binary):


While yes, binary is the language of computers, it is unlikely that you will be doing heavy work in binary for a general programming role. The most often use of binary I've seen is in technical interviews.


Binary is used in much more than you think. As a person who has several certifications in the field of IT and Networking, I can assure you that binary is used for things such as IP addresses, MAC addresses, subnetting, non-base-10 numbering systems, and much much more. Youtube, for instance, uses binary in order to insure that every video uploaded onto its site has a unique ID. Binary is crucial in the field of technology and to say that it is not as important as we would have you believe is not only incorrect, but harmful.




Yeah I do. I have the A+ and the CCENT.




I have a CCNA in Routing & Switching and a CCNA in Security...


Then how about you give the beginner a working example, rather than prose gibberish? And use bits, not your fancy hexadecimal, which is hardly the topic of the bitwise lesson.


Point taken. I will be sure to be more specific next time.


The most basic use of bits is in the circuitry of your very computer. Logic gates. A state at one junction compared to the state at another. In circuits, the state is based upon the presence of electrical current. A voltage is seen as a 1 and zero volts is 0.



Ok, cool. I never knew that it would be more widely used in networking. Can you give me a good resource to learn more? Preferably a beginner resource, since I know almost nothing about network communications and how they work, at least, not anything beyond "plug in the modem and turn it on".

14. Slip and Slide

Here are a few good resources...


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