When will this be update to the alexa sdk 2.0?

I guess I’m just confused because some of the syntax has changed drastically, but other things that should be affected by that change in syntax aren’t mentioned. Like on the official documentation page they don’t talk about state management anywhere. It’s odd to me how sparse the info is, but I’ve also never used any SDK so soon after a huge update so maybe this is the norm?

Here is the link to the official documentation–

Um… this is just the starter thing. If you want to include information, delete this, and put it in. If not information in that space, just delete it.

Anyway, the update for the alexa sdk 2.0 isn’t clear yet. I found nothing on updates for it.

I hope this helps =)

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Thanks for replying, Trevor. I edited to add info.

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Thanks =)

I still try to figure it out if I can. Though however, it may not be until it updates if they keep it a secret.

Thanks for your response.