When will Codecademy support mobile?

why don’t they make it so that codecademy can work on mobile. Any free moment is a great moment to code and learn coding, and mobility certainly enhances that capability. I see a lot of improvements this great website can make. #ExpandJavaCourseOnCodecademy


Yes, and when will codecademy expand Java?

What do you mean by “expand Java”?

They could expand any course to cover advanced syntax.

Yeah, but Java has only 4 courses, think about how many more courses the other languages have, 3 times more for python.

Git has 4.

New SQL has 2.

Rails Auth has 2.

Command Line has 4.

I can go on, and on.

Why is it so vital to add to Java right now?

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well, then add more courses for all of them!!! I didn’t get to those courses yet, but I learned Java in my school, and its seriously lacking in a lot of material, even in the basics

The Java course felt pretty complete (to me) in the basics. (Datatypes, basic syntax, functions.)

I’ve done quite a bit of Java and the course feels good for beginning.

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Also, of all the programs you listed, Java is probably the most commonly used, and much more powerful. Even if ur not a programmer, u have heard and know what java is. And why are you so resisting? with every comment you make, you are diverting from the point. The point is that Codecademy has to seriously expand on the courseware, because there is so much material that is missing

Codecademy is still just a relatively small organization.

How about you make a poll asking which course should be expanded.

It probably wouldn’t be Java.

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why not? Java is really powerful, is used to control robots and it interacts with the computer itself on a very deep level. I’m not an expert, but I have heard this from others many a time

Really, any language can control robots. Not just Java.

Create the poll and, if it sparks mass interest, then Java will be expanded.

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They really should because I’m only twelve and I want to go into the coding industry when I’m older because it would be really useful to the world and it can change tecknowledy for the better

Well, codecademy is not the only resource, there are many more sites out there which also teach java.

I don’t expect mobile support any time soon, codecademy uses a fully webintergrated IDE. Beside, programming on a mobile device? Please kill me the day that has to happen


Guess it’s not meant as programming “on a mobile device” (oh yes I can feel the pain trying to do this) but programming “for a mobile device” aka writing your own Apps. And probably Java because Java is the native language for Android and Android is the most commonly used OS today.

@davidkovic Still CC is more focused on web related programming so you can push it in the poll but I wouldn’t expect a move in this direction soon as it is currently not the main issue.

@davidkovic @cadecodes @haxor789 @stetim94
I made the poll .