When to use single vs double quotes?

Basically, I would use double quotes for strings and single quotes for characters.
It makes a lot of sense to me, cuz in strings–say sentences, single quote can also be used, Ex. I’m coding

@dsonigladiator didn’t @patrickd314 already mentioned it in his original response? His example includes a triple quote solution but it’s messier and triple quote I believe is meant for multiline strings or docstrings. It’s a good habit to get used to the escape character \

@array2370815385 A string is started by a quotation mark and the second quotation mark tells Python that the string has ended.

Essentially, anything enclosed within a pair of single quote or a pair of double quote would be interpreted as a string.

Ex.: “This is a string” - The string portion would be the sentence This is a string

Ex.: print(“Hello” + 1234 + “world!”) - There are two strings in here, Hello and world!

@ajax3916882621 I believe this was already answered above - be consistent with your quotations in your code to avoid errors. Don’t mix single and double quotes carelessly. The best practice is to use escape character \ to help with instances when you want to include special characters like quotation marks within your string.